A CJSAE Editors’ Reflective Dialogue


  • Robert Mizzi University of Manitoba
  • Nancy Taber Brock University
  • Leona English Saint Francis Xavier University
  • Donovan Plumb Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Scott MacPhail Mount Saint Vincent University


Five editors reflect on their experiences as being editors of the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education (CJSAE). One thread that emerges from this conversation is that leading the journal requires a broad effort involving many people who are deeply committed to academic work and social change. A second thread is that the CJSAE does more than publish articles. It builds community, provides a vital knowledge resource, and advances adult education and social development in Canada.




How to Cite

Mizzi, R., Taber, N., English, L., Plumb, D., & MacPhail, S. (2021). A CJSAE Editors’ Reflective Dialogue. Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 33(2). Retrieved from https://cjsae.library.dal.ca/index.php/cjsae/article/view/5646

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