A Decade of ‘Literacy’ in the CJSAE

Conceptions of Adult Literacy


  • Stacey Crooks University of Regina
  • Paula Elias University of Toronto
  • Annie Luk University of Toronto


adult literacy, adult basic education, educational policy, adult education research, adult learners, practitioners, adult education


In our paper, we examine the ways academic writers have taken up the concept of literacy in the pages of CJSAE since 2011. We discuss key policy events from the last decade to provide a broad context for how adult literacy has been conceptualized and researched in CJSAE. We then review publications that discuss adult basic literacy in CJSAE as well as articles that we describe as ‘adjacent’ to adult literacy: their interests or sites of study overlap, but are not explicitly linked, with adult basic literacy. Finally, we interrogate the tension between these two groups of publications and consider the implications of an absence of adult basic literacy in CJSAE for adult learners and practitioners.




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Crooks, S. ., Elias, P. ., & Luk, A. (2021). A Decade of ‘Literacy’ in the CJSAE : Conceptions of Adult Literacy . Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 33(2). Retrieved from https://cjsae.library.dal.ca/index.php/cjsae/article/view/5629