Disrupting Narratives of Colonization – Museums as Pedagogical Spaces


  • Janet Groen
  • Dr. Colleen Kawalilak University of Calgary


Drawing on an autoethnographic approach, the authors explore the role of museums in contributing to a decolonizing discourse.  Through a guided tour of the Alex Janvier exhibit at the Glenbow museum, review of additional artifacts associated with the exhibit, as well as autoethnographic texts, the authors have come to see the deep potential of public institutions to be sites of disruption and possibility.    In this exhibit, discourses that lifted dominant cultural narratives were challenged and other possibilities for social transformation were offered.  In particular, the power of art as a pathway for disrupting personal narratives was explored which in turn, has implications for social, political and cultural narratives. 




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Groen, J., & Kawalilak, C. (2019). Disrupting Narratives of Colonization – Museums as Pedagogical Spaces. Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 31(2). Retrieved from https://cjsae.library.dal.ca/cjsae/article/view/5486