Inclusive College Education

A Question of Training?


  • Nathalie Trépanier Université de Montréal
  • Maria Grullon Université de Montréal



Based on an independent study carried out in 2016-2017, our text presents and questions specific results that challenge college teachers to make success accessible to as many of their students as possible by adapting their teaching with or without training, support, or specific benchmarks. Questions are raised about the effective implementation of these practices and their potential impact on students most vulnerable to failure or dropping out, whether identified as students with disabilities (SD) or not, a group to which adult general education (AGE) students are likely to belong. Questions are also raised about issues in teacher training and its repercussions on the success of teachers’ most vulnerable students.



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Trépanier, N., & Grullon, M. (2023). Inclusive College Education: A Question of Training? . Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 35(01).