Looking Forward

Tying the Critical to the Digital in Pedagogical Practice


  • Rusa Jeremic GBC


Critical Pedagogoy, Digital Literacy, Critical Digital Pedagogy, Fake news


 For 40 years, the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education has been instrumental in promoting debate on critical pedagogy and sharing best practices in transformative education. In 2020, it became clear that we were in a new digital age, as the threat of the coronavirus resulted in a paradigmatic global shift in how we do “all the things.” This paper argues that it is no longer useful for critics to simply reject the digital through drawing three conclusions: (a) it is crucial to build the new with the old, by complimenting decades of critical pedagogical theorization; (b) the moment to deepen our critical analysis is a moment to accept the digital era in an “it’s here, it’s now—what’s next?” framework; and (c) articulating digital critical pedagogy as an approach about both doing—equipping learners with agility and fluency —and thinking—developing and applying a critical analytical social justice lens. Adopting critical digital pedagogy in contemporary democratic societies is vital to ensure future generations are not only digital but fluent and, importantly, critical. 




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