Community Development in Canadian Adult Education

Looking Back and Moving Forward


  • Welly Sousa University of Regina


community development, adult education, community-based education, social movement


This content analysis aims to explore how community development has been conceived in Canadian adult education based on publications of the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education from 2009 to 2019. This article is motivated by the understanding that community development is an intrinsic part of the Canadian adult education history and is also a way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CJSAE. I suggest that there are five ways to conceive community development within Canadian adult education in the period analyzed: classroom-based and research-based community development, transnational feminist radical community-led development, feminist empowerment focused community development, film festivals as community development, and queer activism and community development. I conclude by saying that despite community development being a terminology seldom explored in the articles, the commitment to building communities to liberate and transform society is still the driving force that moves us forward in our field.




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