Peace Education Program in Hiroshima

An Artful Narrative Of Transformative Experiences


  • Ayako Nozawa


This article is an artful narrative of my transformative experiences as a teacher educator of the Peace Education program, Oleander Initiative 2018 in Hiroshima. Hiroshima is where endless stories are told and retold by many Hibakushas, the atomic-bomb survivors in an effort to give meaning to this tragic experience. They both refigure the past and create purpose for the future. I invite readers to walk through this experience while considering the following questions: What are the stories of Hiroshima? What and how did I learn from the program? How could these experiences influence and give meaning both professionally and personally to me as a teacher educator and as a whole person? I hope this article expands understanding of peace education with respect to adult education, exploring how it can lead to transformative learning experiences and give insights into artful narrative. It reminds us to be hopeful in the challenging times. 




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