Designing A Peer Leader Training Manual for Community-Based Sexual Health Research

Action-Oriented Implications for Adult Education


  • Roula Kteily-Hawa University of Western Ontario


community-engaged health education;, storytelling; peer leader education;, community-based sexual health;, health and adult education;, transformative learning theory;, constructivism; experiential learning theory


This paper recounts the development and implementation of the Peer Leader Training Manual for the Story-Sharing for Sexual Health Research (SSSH) Study conducted in Toronto, Canada. In the disciplinary integration of health and adult education, the community-engaged health research reported here reflects the successful partnership of academic researchers with a community-based organization. Eight South Asian women peer leaders were collectively recruited and trained as research associates to explore how stories (relative to fact sheets) can be used to promote dialogue and knowledge about sexual health and reduce HIV stigma among South Asian women. This paper is about the adult education tool used to orient them to the SSSH Study and train them for related field work: recruit participants, arrange intervention site and logistics, deliver intervention, administer pre and post surveys, conduct focus groups, and ensure data security. The manual played a significant role in training the peer leaders to further engage in future community health partnerships. This tool will also be helpful for other community-engaged health research involving sexual health initiatives in vulnerable communities. 


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Roula Kteily-Hawa, University of Western Ontario






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