Lessons Learned from Programme Evaluations of Coach Development Programmes in the UK


  • John Lyle Leeds Beckett University


sport coaching, programme evaluation, coach development, evaluation models, Mid-career education


Coach Development Programmes (CPDs) are important, but significantly under-researched or understood, elements in the preparation of sport coaches. This paper draws upon experience of carrying out five programme evaluations of CDPs in the United Kingdom. Each of the programme evaluations was based on an evaluation model that focused on relevance, fidelity, and intermediate outcomes; logic models incorporating each programme’s intentions were devised and informed the evaluation. Evidence was gathered from interviews with coaches, coach developers, mentors, and other stakeholders, supplemented by questionnaires to coaches. Issues discussed include: the relevance and impact of particular delivery modes, the incorporation of coaches’ practice, the enhancement of future capacity versus current performance, the emphasis on personal development and interpersonal skills, the degree of embeddedness, and the degree of alignment between programme elements and personnel. The lessons learned have implications for similar mid-career adult education, both formal and non-formal, in Canada and more widely.




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