Amazonian Community Arts Education for Sustainable Worlds


  • Dan Baron Cohen


Amazon, Transformation, Community, Freire, Pedagaogy


This article narrates the performance pedagogies created by the Rivers of Meeting project in the Afro-Indigenous fishing community of Cabelo Seco, Marabá City, in the Brazilian Amazon. Performed on the thresholds between paradigms of 'good-living' and industrial development, three short stories show how young arts educators contribute to the project’s independent Community University. The article is based on oral and written reflections by the young performers, and reveals the challenges and potentials that shape their community’s future. Set on the edge of the River Tocantins, about to be deformed into a river highway for transporting iron from the largest mines and refineries in the world, powered by a vast hydroelectric dam, the interventions on this Amazonian threshold acquire a compelling resonance.




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