Toronto Community Housing: Tenant Participation and Informal Learning


  • Behrang Foroughi Saint Francis Xavier University


Informal Learning, Tenant Participation, Toronto Community Housing, Participatory Community Management


Due to intrinsic challenges in measuring informal learning, there has been relatively little interest in conducting empirical studies on the individual-level effects of participation. This qualitative study explores the informal learning of citizenry through political participation in the context of Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC); it intends to narrow the gap between theoretical hypotheses and the perceived reality of educative effects of participation. This study, which collected interview data from 35 tenants and staff also sheds light on our understanding of the shift in values, roles and responsibilities of public servants calling for community participation and how such participatory mechanisms contribute to active learning of citizens.

Author Biography

Behrang Foroughi, Saint Francis Xavier University

Assistant Professor, Department of Adult Education

Senior Program Staff, Coady International Institute


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