N Ngoda: The Wealth Beneath Our Feet Exhibition

An Adult Education Practice at Mutare Museum, Eastern Zimbabwe

  • Njabulo Chipangura National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe
Keywords: Diamond, Exhibition, Community, Inequality, Agent, Decolonisation, New museology


Contemporary exhibitions in museums are increasingly becoming popular platforms to engage with stories of social struggles that surrounding communities will be  facing. This paper will look at how Mutare Museumused an exhibition on illegal diamond mining—the research, the design, and the production—to create a public forum, encourage dialogue, and in the process, reframe the museum and effect social change. Illegal diamond mining in Eastern Zimbabwe was a topical issue and we took it up into our exhibitory halls thereby allowing the public to engage on issues surrounding diamond mining in an open forum.  In the paper,   I will look at the conceptualisation of a polysemic exhibition on diamond mining that involved bringing together multiple stories by communities affected in the aftermath of relocations which paved way for the establishment of formal mining operations. Chiadzwa diamond fields are located approximately 80 miles south west of the city of Mutare, Manicaland.

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